The Mission

The Peking to Paris Rally is a recreation of the 1907 challenge issued by Le Matin, "Is there anyone who will undertake to travel this summer from Peking to Paris by automobile?"
The 2016 version will follow a route of 13,695 Km (8,510 miles) and take 35 days. We are travelling in Rhubarb and Custard, a 1936 Buick. We know nothing about cars or rallying.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Navigator's Bag

Never let the Navigator's Bag out of sight. This is what is in it:

Folder containing:
  • Daily and Rest day Checklist
  • Car Data (e.g. Spark plug gap, Tyre size)
  • Spares and Consumables List
  • List of Contents of Medical Kit
  • Route Listing
  • Hotel Listing
  • Rally Preparation Course Notes
  • Spot Trace Tracker Instructions
  • Brantz Instructions
  • Annual International Safety Inspection Certificate
  • Camera and Gimbal Instructions
  • Fault Finding Guide
  • Multi language car data sheet (for bystanders to read)
  • Copies of V5
  • Copies of Passports
  • Copies of International Driver’s Licence
  • Copies of Insurance 
  • Copies of Vaccination Certificates
  • Copies of Credit Cards
  • Copy of Entry List
  • Copy of Rally Regulations
Plastic wallets containing:
  • Post - it notes in various colours
  • Post-it page markers
  • Rubber bands in various sizes and colours
  • Bulldog Clips
  • Scotch tape
  • Highlighters
  • Chinagraph pencils
  • Coloured pens
  • Magnifying glass with light
  • Writing pens
  • permanent marker pen
  • Self adhesive Vecro strips
  • Spare plastic wallets
Travel Documents
International Driving Licences
Clipboard and pad of paper
Monit instructions
Questions & Answers on Automobile Electrical Systems by E Molloy 1952
The Civil Service Motoring Organisation Handbook 1955
How to Win a Marathon Road Rally by Alan Smith (nah - only joking, no room for this I’m afraid)
Spot Trace
Digital Flare
Mechanical compass
Spare batteries for the above
Car Keys

Badges/Key rings from Gaydon

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