The Mission

The Peking to Paris Rally is a recreation of the 1907 challenge issued by Le Matin, "Is there anyone who will undertake to travel this summer from Peking to Paris by automobile?"
The 2016 version will follow a route of 13,695 Km (8,510 miles) and take 35 days. We are travelling in Rhubarb and Custard, a 1936 Buick. We know nothing about cars or rallying.

Sunday, 8 May 2016


I've started to pack my suitcase for the trip:

3 Rohan polo shirts
1 pair of Rohan trousers (these unzip to make shorts)
3 pairs of thermal socks
3 pairs silk underpants (!)
1 fleece
1 Rohan rain proof jacket
1 thermal leggings
1 thermal T shirt
1 leather jacket (still a bit undecided about this, but it looks the part)
1 pair wool lined Converse leather boots
1 pair hiking boots (do I really need these?)
2 hats
1 pair of pyjamas
1 pair sunglasses
1 pair driving goggles
2 pairs driving gloves
1 neck warmer/facemask
1 towel
1 wash bag

In a separate bag, being brought to Paris for me:

1 dinner suit
1 black bow tie
1 dress shirt
1 set of studs and cufflinks
1 Dress watch
1 Aqua di Parma cologne
1 pair black shoes
1 pair black socks
2 polo shirts
2 pairs underpants
1 pair pyjamas
1 pair jeans
1 pair shorts
2 pairs socks
1 pair deck shoes
1 casual jacket
1 beard trimmer

1 comment:

  1. First of all spread envelopes of good high quality earplugs everywhere in all packings, pants and in the car! Can't emphasize that enough! Learn to sleep with them. Makes a big BIG difference waking well rested compared to not sleeping at all. Glasses is a safety item, both driving goggles and sunglasses and can be worth their weight in gold! if you would misplace or break a pair. I would take 2 of each. In the desert it quickly goes really really cold and sometimes well below zero as soon as the sun sets. Motorcycle padded leather neck warmer is a godsent when you sleeping rough and of course when driving an open car, protects from wind and sunburn. Long sleeved shirts can be rolled up but short sleeves you can't wear if you get sunburnt. Hiking boots is good, supporting and relaxing for sored wrists and feet, and good if you have to get help a long way away walking or running or going for help, you never know if you have to hike back with a motorcycle. Silk pajamas is unequalled, it is both warm and cool, doesn't as easily smell bad and can work as thermal undergarment, and packs small. High tech hiking towels pack small and dry really quick. Don't take one too small. A double sheet or thin sleeping bag is nice to crawl into if you're not entirely sure the hotel is free from also protect a little from moskitos. And what do you repair the car in? picture yourself covered in oil and roadgrime crawling under the car a rainy day...and the road is unpaved. One set of clothes can maybe be sacrificed, but what if you experience repeated breakdowns?